Best ACTIVE Players without a Title

Best ACTIVE Players without a Title

The Thunder again choked away a golden opportunity to get their first championship, and it might end up being their last if Durant does walk away in free agency. With the Thunder losing it got me thinking of the best players in every sport(big 4 and soccer) to not win a championship, only rule being is that they must have played at least six seasons to be judged.

MLB(No Harper or Trout)-

  1. Clayton Kershaw- There are few pitchers in the league right now that I would want to pitch a regular season game for my team than Kershaw. Key word is regular season. Kershaw is a 5 time all star and three time Cy Young award winner, but has compiled a pitiful 2-6 record as a starter in the postseason with a 4.59 ERA. Will Kershaw win a title? I’d say there's a 77% chance he does, the Dodgers are going to be in the postseason for many years to come as the NL West isn’t exactly the AL East, so they will always have a chance to compete come October.

  2. Adrian Beltre- Few third basemen have been as a consistent of a hitter as Beltre since 2010. His worst batting average from that time is .287 which is solid. Beltre has four all stars, four gold gloves, and four silver slugger awards to go along with his 427 home runs. Definitely a hall of fame worthy player. He’s lost in two world series and realistically has a 47% chance of winning a title.

NBA(No Davis)

  1. Kevin Durant- Kevin Durant literally pissed away a chance at winning his first title game 6 at Oklahoma City. I’ve never seen a star player like Durant chock like that in the final three minutes of a game. Personal accolades Durant has plenty- seven all stars, NBA MVP, four time scoring Champ, Rookie of the year, but since high school he has won nothing. Will Durant get a title? 87% chance he does, is that title with the Thunder is up for debate, in all honesty without bias at all his best chance at winning a title would come from the Eastern Conference(Celtics, Wizards, and Heat fans all got chubbies from reading that line).

  2. Russell Westbrook- Want to find the second best player in the NBA without a ring look no further than Durant’s teammate Russell Westbrook. Westbrook has five all star appearances and a scoring title. But constantly falls victim to playing hero ball, refusing to pass to open players and putting up atrocious air ball three point attempts. Russ has a 84% chance of winning a title, I can see Russ going to the Lakers when he is a free agent and one has to imagine the stars that will follow Westbrook to LA, watch out for the Lakers in the next 3 years.

NFL(No Newton)

  1. Adrian Peterson- Despite being a horrendous father, Peterson is a great football player. Seven pro bowl appearances and one MVP- only MVP since 2006 to be a running back. Peterson has fallen victim to being on a horrendous team. While the Vikings have made the playoffs in Peterson’s time there only realistic chance came when they had Brett Favre at QB. If Peterson wants to win the Vikings will need to get a legit QB (sorry Teddy) or he will need to get traded. Odds of AP getting his 32%.


2) Larry Fitzgerald- Fitz is one of those guys that is impossible to not like. Unlike most WR’s in the league Fitz goes about his business quietly, the guy just performs. A 9 time pro bowler and a member of the 1,000 receiving yard club Fitzgerald has come close numerous times to getting a ring.  He has never had below 780 yards in a season which is not too shabby. The cards always have a chance to reach the super bowl, but if they got there they’d lose to the Patriots, so Fitz if you want to win a title come to New England.

NHL(No Tarasenko or Thornton/Marleau as they are competing for a cup)

  1. Alex Ovechkin- Ovi is basically the NHL version of Durant, plenty of regular season records and accolades but shrivels up in the postseason. Ovechkin will always be compared to Sidney Crosby, if Crosby wins another cup (three more wins) Penguins fans will have plenty to jeer at Ovechkin next time he’s there. Will Ovi get his? Based off of postseason history I’m gonna say there's a 61% chance Ovi will win a cup, the capitals have just been perennial losers in the playoffs, this was their best chance and they flopped.

  2. Steven Stamkos- Stamkos is easily the most sought out player this offseason. The chances of Stamkos playing in Tampa next year aren’t too high. Realistically I see Stamkos landing with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Toronto will be the strongest team in the league in four years max as Babcock is a hell of a coach. Odds of Stamkos having his name on the cup before he retires 93%.


  1. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo- The UEFA and La Lig titles do not count. All that matters to me is how many championships have you won for your country. Messi and Ronaldo have won NOTHING for Argentina and Portugal respectively. I know it is harder to win for the country than club, but when you are generational players like Messi and Ronaldo you should be able to lead your teams to victory. 



Thats what I think, if you think I missed players, or some guys shouldn’t be in here tweet us @TheTPSGuys.


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