Euro Cup Preview

Euro Cup Preview


So I’m a few days late, but here it is. I realized after making some cray predictions in my Copa preview that I’m taking this round by round this time (Fuck you Uruguay).

Group A: France, Albania, Switzerland, and Romania.

Alright so France obviously is the pick here, they know the land and they know they’re the best team in the group. Somehow they’re the 16th ranked team in the FIFA rankings. Purely absurd.

Winner: France

Runner Up: Switzerland- Watch out for the Swiss in this tournament.

Group B: England, Russia, Wales, and Slovakia

England is a team that brings only 3 central defenders to France interesting strategy but they should have enough star power to advance.

Winner: England

Runner Up: Wales- Gareth Bale. 'Nuff Said.

Third place advance spot 1/4: Russia

Group C: Germany, Northern Ireland, Ukraine, Poland

Germany not playing their best football at the moment but this group is not too daunting and they will win it.

Winner: Germany

Runner Up: Poland- Robert Lewandowski is one of the best players on the planet and will lead the Poles to the next round.

Group D: Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey

Spain recently just lost to Georgia 1-0, but who knows how hard the Spaniards were trying? Spain is too string of a team to not win this group, but will De Gea playing is now a question after recently being accused of setting up a rape in Spain.

Winner: Spain

Runner Up: Croatia

Third Place Runner Up 2/4: Turkey

Group E: Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Ireland

Obviously I have some bias as I’m a big Italian guy, but the Azzuri play their best when they're underdogs, which they are in this tournament.

Winner: Belgium

Runner Up: Italy

Third Place Runner Up 3/4: Sweden

Group F: Austria, Hungary, Iceland, and Portugal

Easy group for Ronaldo to keep his winning form up.

Winner: Portugal

Runner Up: Austria

Third Place Runner Up: ICELAND. BOLD CALL.

Are the Yankees once again "back?"

Are the Yankees once again "back?"

RIP Gordie Howe, "Mr. Hockey."

RIP Gordie Howe, "Mr. Hockey."