Dom's Draftkings Picks 6/2

Dom's Draftkings Picks 6/2

Good news/Bad news:

Good news is if you followed my picks from last night I gave you a chance to win.

Bad news is the rest of the guys I picked sucked balls. 

Here was my lineup last night

125 points is probably about 30-40 points short of cashing in most tournaments, so you can see how being wrong with 2-3 players can really screw you. However, the picks I featured in my blog yesterday ended up being very solid, so if you were more wise than myself, odds are you cashed. Lester was my SP pick and boy is a 42 spot a steal for 9.9K. The others included Javy Baez (7 pts), Travis Shaw (12pts), and George Springer who hit a walkoff last night (21pts). 

Personal review of last night's picks: 7.9/10. Lester and Springer were huge, but there was better value to be had than Baez, and some of Shaw's teammates outperformed him. 

Let's get right into it and do better tonight, 8 games on the slate because it's a travel day.

SP: Rick Porcello

Piss poor selection of pitchers for tonight, happens sometimes, especially on travel days. Porcello seems to be your best bet given the insane amount of run support he'll probably get tonight. Baltimore can be dangerous but in my eyes, he's the best bet to lock in a W tonight. Haven't decided who I'll choose to go with him because I'm really not sure yet. Kind of like picking you poison, expect one with more than likely work out well. Baltimore is slugging just .408 as a team against RHP thus far, so if it makes this decision more quantifiable, I'm goin' with it. 

Miguel Cabrera 4.5K

Once again Miggy is having himself an All-Star caliber year, potentially even better. Tonight, he matches up against Michael Pineda, who physically cannot pitch right now. He has the worst ERA of starters amongst starters who have started regularly this year. Cabrera has also been eating righties alive (.329AVG, .606SLG%), no reason he can't put on a show at Comerica Park tonight. 

Xander Bogaerts 5.3K

Don't let the price tag fool you here, this guy is LOCKED IN at the dish and there is no slowing down. His 25-game hit streak is the best in baseball currently, and Bogaerts has hit in 37 out of his last 39 competitions. Perfect situation where you can pay up to be contrarian. A lot of eyes will be on cheaper guys within the SS position. 

VALUE PLAY: Jung Ho Kang 3.4K

This guy was awesome last year before breaking his leg on a late slide from Chris Coghlan. He's only played 20 games this season, but has been productive, hitting 6 homers and racking up 18RBIs. Yesterday he did not play in favor of David Freese, but I expect him to be inked in the lineup tonight. He'll go up against the lefty Wei-Yin Chen, an advantage for Kang due to his .301AVG and .806SLG% against left handers in 2016. 

Good luck tonight, and don't forget to use my referral code!

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