Official Pet Peeve List

Official Pet Peeve List

There are a lot of things that piss people off in this world. Personally, I try to keep an even keel as much as I can, but there are somethings people do/say/think that really grind my gears. So without further ado... Here are my list of Pet Peeves. 

By the way, this blog is inspired by Kmarko Barstool's blog posted yesterday, which was hysterical.  

Slow Drivers

Slow drivers are one of the most clear cut pet peeves that everybody probably has, unless you are the slow driver. We've all needed to get some place quickly if we're running late, and seemingly on command a slow driver will appear DIRECTLY in front of you. They'll be doing 25 in a 40 or 55 in a 65, either way, you're going to be very angry when you're behind them, even if it's just for a short period of time. 

Then you'll finally get around them, glance over, see Grandma Edith whipping her 1972 Oldsmobile while holding the wheel at 10-2, and be like DAMNIT TO HELL.

Political Propaganda on Social Media

Political affiliation aside, either way 50% of people give or take will disagree with you. That's just the way it is, so there's really no gain in posting anything like this on social media and looking like a jackass. You're not Jake Tapper, you're not a political analyst, you're merely regurgitating every talking point you see in the media. Please stop. 

Too Much Ice in a Beverage

This is such a rat play by any restaurant or coffee shop, I don't care what you think. I don't want ice overflowing out of my drink to the point where I take one sip and the thing is already half empty. I PROMISE you I will finish it while it's still cold. Pretty unlikely that this air conditioned room we're sitting in is going to melt the ice that quickly enough to the point where you need to barrage the drink with ice. Fill it up halfway like any normal, not psychotic person would like it, please. 

Bikers on the Road

Nothing worse than having to brake and EVADE oncoming traffic while EVADING the biker, while TRYING to drive on the road meant for CARS. NOT BIKES. GET OFF THE ROAD BRO, AND GET OUT OF MY WAY. Go mountain biking in the woods or find a park where everybody else is biking. I know you're not training for the Tour De France, you're just in a douchey and really tight biking outfit that's giving you a rash on your nutsack. 

When something you discovered awhile ago becomes popular

Relevant for both TV Shows, as well as music. We've all told a friend to listen to a song, or watch a show, and it's just conversational but they'll usually end up not doing it. Then a few months go by and it's "Yo Breaking Bad is sweet man, I binged watched the entire thing in two weeks."

Really dude? That's cool that you like finally got around to doing that after I told you it was sweet months ago. Don't doubt my taste in shows, you watch that shit right after I say to because I wouldn't waste my energy telling you about it if it sucked. 

Opening things wrapped in this plastic

Whoever thought that this kind of packaging would be a good idea is honestly such an asshole. Not only is this incredibly difficult to open, but the chances you mutilate yourself while trying to crack this sucker open are higher than they should be. Plus you already know the scissors you have in your house are definitely NOT going to get the job done. You're going to resort to the steak knife, it's still going to be difficult, you'll get angry, and then hopefully by the time you have it open you're not on your way to the hospital for stitches. 

People in the airport/Everything about the airport

Airports are the worst place on Earth, plain and simple. Nobody knows where they are going for whatever reason, there's lines around every corner you turn, and do I really need to say how I feel about security? 

When you're in the airport, there is always a sense of edginess and anxiety that I really never understood. You get there 3 hours before your flight takes off so you don't need to rush, but somehow you always feel that way. Which then inevitably leads to people being bitchy, and doing dumb things to hold up the lines, further adding to the terrible experience you have every time there. I guess the goal is to acquire enough cash so you can just charter a PJ and not deal with every other peasant in the rat pit that is the airport.

The Holding the Door Dilemma

Two Cardinal Rules about Door Holding:

1) NEVER make the other person even slightly jog to get to the door because you're holding it open.

This is just as awkward as it is unnecessary. Anybody can open a door without exerting that much energy, so the courtesy of doing it should not be over exaggerated. If I'm at least 15 yards behind you, you don't have to stop, turn around, and make eye contact with me as if to say 'Hurry Up.' I understand that I'm immensely handsome and you may want to do such a thing for me, but please carry on and have a blessed day. 

2) Regardless of what unfolds from #1, ALWAYS say thank you.

When you don't say thank you, that person is going to want to turn around and sock you in the mouth. Plus they probably would have shut the thing in your face if they knew the kind of reaction they were going to get out of you. You were raised better than that, don't be a bitch. Say thanks. 

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