Game 3 Preview and Prediction

Game 3 Preview and Prediction

            Warriors are up 2-0 and head to Cleveland for game 3.  As we all should know this is a MUST win for Cleveland if they want any hope of winning the Finals.  ESPN only gives them an 8% chance to win it all which you can’t really disagree with.

            Cleveland could be without one of their big three tonight, after Kevin Love took a shot to the head by Harrison Barnes in game 2.  Love knows that he’s going to need to be out there if the Cavs want any chance of extending the series.  If Love does not play, there’s a good chance that this series goes to 3-0 and the Cavs are essentially defeated.

            The 48+ margin of victory for the Warriors in this series is the most through any two games in NBA Finals history.  Warriors look to continue their dominance in game 3 tonight.

Things to look for:

Will Curry or Thompson finally put up over 20 points?

Both players have been held to under 20 points a game and I believe it was the first time Curry has been held to back-to-back games under 20 all season.  The thing is both these players are in no rush to score considering how dominant they have been.  I believe that one of them (most likely Curry) are going to have 20 points in this game.

Will the tremendous defensive play of Andre Iguodala continue?

I don’t see why not, the guy has been shutting down every guy he faces.  Although the Cavs will try to create pick and roll scenarios where Golden State is forced to switch creating the match ups they want.

Will the Warriors try to get Bogut more minutes?

If the Cavs decide to go big and play Mozgov the Warriors are going to need to play Bogut more.  This will not be a bad thing.  In four minutes of the first quarter Bogut collected 4 blocks and 4 rebounds.  If the Cavs want to play big, it shouldn’t be something Golden State can’t handle.

Will the Cavs try to go big and play Mozgov more?

At this point after getting blown out two games in a row, the Cavs need to change something.  At some point in the game I think the Cavs need to try to go big and see what happens.  The problem is Golden State is so versatile that they can play big or small.

Will JR have a breakout game?

JR is due for a breakout game once a series, and then he is essentially useless.  In a game where the Cavs desperately need a win, they need JR to have his breakout game.

My prediction: If Kevin Love plays, I think the Cavs can squeak one out, but if Love does not play Cavs could be looking at a 3-0 deficit.

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