Lou's DB and BTS picks

Lou's DB and BTS picks

Daily Bracket NBA Finals                                                                                                                Lou’s current streak: 0


1. Warriors @ Cleveland

Pick: Warriors (44%)

Yes Cleveland needs a win at home but with Love not in the starting line-up, I think they fall short and face a 3-0 deficit.  Curry and Thompson are both due for 20+point games.


2. 206 or less vs. 207 or more

Pick: 206 or less (65%)

Going less because the Cavs have not pulled their weight for the over in this series.  Warriors have been putting up 100+ but the Cavs have yet to break 90 points.  I think the Cavs struggle offensively again with Love out of the starting line-up.


3. Curry vs. LeBron (points)

Pick: Curry (25%)

I am surprised LeBron is the favorite here, yes with Love out he’s probably going to shoot more and have at least 20, probably in the 25 point range.  But do people really think Curry is going to drop less than 20 again??? I don’t think so, I’m expecting 25+ from Curry tonight.


4. Green vs. LeBron (rebounds)

Pick: Lebron (74%)

LeBron is going to have more minutes than Green, and LeBron has had near 10 rebounds in each game thus far.  I expect 10+ boards from LeBron with Green in the 6-8 range.


5. Barnes (points) @ LeBron (assists)

Pick: Barnes (18%)

Going with Barnes because I’m expecting in the 10-15 point range from Barnes while expecting 6-8 assists from James.  James will be looking to shoot with Love not playing, and he is going to be a little more selfish with the ball.


Beat The Streak                                                                                                                               Lou’s current streak: 0


Pick (1): Adam Jones (BAL) Jones has been hot with the bat of late and is facing Volquez who he is 3-3 off of.

Pick (2): Matt Carpenter (STL) Carpenter has been on fire lately and I expect him to continue his hot streak.  He is hitting .333 off of Cincy’s Alfredo Simon who has struggled this year with an ERA over 8.

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