NHL Playoffs vs. NBA Playoffs

NHL Playoffs vs. NBA Playoffs

So today during my 8 hours of being a cube monkey I happened to reach down to my phone and engage in a huge heated argument with my friend Jack. I simply made the most obvious statement of all time: "In the NBA playoffs you can predict who will be in the finals, while in the Stanley Cup playoffs it's pretty much random." When he saw that text he went apeshit. Jack claims that the Stanley cup playoffs isn't random and that the "best" team wins. This lead me to do some research on the last 10 years of the Stanley Cup and NBA Playoffs:

2006: 2 seed Heat beat 4 seed Mavericks (had the second best record in the West, though). 2 seed Hurricanes beat 8 seed Oilers. EIGHT SEED JIMBO.

2007: 2 seed Cavaliers lose to the 3 seed Spurs. NHL: 2 seed Ducks defeat 4 seed Senators. No real difference here, score still 1-0 me in argument battle.

2008: ONE seed Celtics defeat ONE seed Lakers. NHL: 1 seed Red Wings defeat 2 seed Penguins. Two one seed NBA teams, but NHL was similar. No edge.

2009: ONE seed Lakers defeat three seed Magic. NHL: Four seed Penguins defeat two seed Red Wings. To this point, the lowest NBA seed to play in the final is 4 seed (but in reality a 2 seed) and NHL's lowest is 8 seed. 

2010: ONE seed Lakers defeat 4 seed Celtics. NHL: 2 seed Blackhawks defeat SEVEN seed Flyers. Easily a win here for me, 2-0.

2011: Two seed Mavericks defeat two seed Heat. NHL: Three seed Bruins defeat one seed Canucks. 

2012: Two seed Heat defeat two seed Thunder. NHL: EIGHT seed Kings defeat SIX seed Devils. Another win for me. 3-0.

2013: One seed Heat defeat two seed Spurs. NHL: One seed Blackhawks defeat four seed Bruins.

2014: One seed Spurs defeat two seed Heat. NHL switched to a new alignment for playoffs but T converted the numbers to old style: 5 seed Rangers lose to SIX seed Kings. Win again 4-0.

2015: One seed Warriors defeat two seed Cavs. NHL: Four seed Blackhawks defeat three seed Lightning. 

2016: ONE seed Warriors lead ONE seed Cavs 2-1. NHL: Four seed Penguins lead 3-1 over SIX seed Sharks. Win 5-0.

Takeaways from Above:

NBA has had a one seed in 7 of the last 10 finals, while the NHL has had just two one seeds in that same period in the final. 

The lowest seeded NBA team to make a final was the 4 seed Celtics who were a team much better than their seed. Likewise, the lowest seed in the NHL was the 8th seed, which occurred twice – Oilers and Kings.

In conclusion, the NHL is definitely more random than the NBA finals. Thats why the NHL Playoffs is better than the NBA playoffs as every round is unpredictable, but the NBA Finals is generally better than the Cup Final because the quality of teams are generally the best teams in the league with the most star players, contrary to what occurs in the NHL Playoffs.

Admit defeat Jack. 

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